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Mantra Japa: Amma on chanting the name of the Lord

(8 May '03)

“Mental purity will come through constant chanting of the divine name. This is the simplest way. You are trying to cross the ocean of transmigration, the cycle of birth and death. The mantra is the oar of the boat; it is the instrument you use to cross the samsara of your restless mind, with its […]

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Connect to God, the source of power

(12 Apr '03)

Question: Amma, it is said that if a sadhak (spiritual aspirant) touches someone, he will lose his spiritual power. Is this true?” Amma: A small battery, which has only a limited amount of power stored in it, will lose some power whenever it is used. However, a wire connected to the mains will always stay […]

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How to overcome anger

(9 Apr '03)

“Suppose you have a weakness of getting angry easily. Now, what you should do is this: Once you become normal again, go and sit in the family shrine room if you have one, or sit in solitude; then regret and repent your own anger and sincerely pray to your beloved deity or to Mother Nature, […]

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on Devotion: Amma says

(8 Nov '02)

“Crying to God for five minutes is equal to one hour of meditation. If tears are not coming by themselves, try to cry by thinking, ‘Why am I not able to cry?’ Try to develop devotion. That is the easiest way.” ~ “Love is not something that can be taught by someone or learned from […]

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on Innocence: Amma says

(8 Nov '01)

“God has the nature of a small child. God won’t even look at those who do tapas with ego, but He will shower his grace on the innocent hearted ones who don’t do anything. This may be due to His childlike nature.” ~ “Until this point, you have developed only externally, only the body and […]

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Goal of spiritual practices

(7 Nov '01)

“All sadhanas (spiritual practices) are methods to decrease the thoughts and to increase peace and thus slowly man can become God. Not only does one enjoy peace oneself but can give peace to others as well.” “The goal of sadhana is to eliminate the mind, which consists of thoughts and desires. The Self is beyond […]

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On Guru: Amma says

(9 Jul '01)

“Satsang and spiritual books have the power to turn our minds towards good thoughts. That alone, however, will not enable us to go forward with steady steps. Ordinary physicians will examine the patient and prescribe medicines. But if an operation is required, one has to see a surgeon. Likewise, to rid our minds of all […]

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