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Ammas visit will be like Hanukkah

(15 Dec '09)

Between the 3rd and 8th of December 2009 Br. Shubamrita paid his fourth annual visit to Israel. Public programmes were held in the cities of Tel Aviv, Pardes Hana and for the first time in Netiv Halamed Hey, a Kibbutz (community) near Jerusalem. An Integrated Amrita Meditation course was held in Tel Aviv, with nearly […]

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Sheltered by faith in the rain

(8 Dec '09)

04 Dec 2009, Amritapuri After two months, the bell rang three times indicating  Amma was calling us for meditation today. Soon, Amma joined us at the beach. After meditation, she raised a question, “What is the practical aspect of our faith in God?” She passed the microphone from one person to the other. One of […]

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Inspire youth through dialogues not lectures

(6 Dec '09)

Amma inaugurates Vivekananda International Foundation 1 December 2009 — Chanakyapuri, New Delhi On 1 December 2009, Amma inaugurated the Vivekananda International Foundation in Chanakyapuri, New Delhi. The foundation,  which is an independent non-partisan think-tank, will undertake solution-oriented research and studies through different activities. It also will participate in international, intercultural and inter-religious dialogue. In her […]

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When Amma arrived

(5 Dec '09)

2 Dec 2009, Amritapuri. Amma arrived at Amritapuri  ashram at 8.30 pm  after her Europe – USA yatra. En route, Amma had a stop over at Delhi where she inaugurated the Vivekananda International Foundation Center  on December 1, 2009.

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Amma in Michigan

(2 Dec '09)

30 November 2009 — Dearborn, Michigan Amma was welcomed to Dearborn, Michigan with traditional Punjabi music. During Amma’s five days of programs, several dignitaries came to express their gratitude for Amma’s visit and to share their thoughts on the significance and power of Amma’s message and work in these troubled times. Circuit Court Judge, the […]

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