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The time God came to visit

(10 Dec '00)

Sthala Puranas of Bharat It is said that there are 330 million1 gods shining throughout the temples and epics of Bharat. They take the form of men, women, animals and man-animals. They regularly come down from their heavenly kingdoms to interact with man, fulfill his prayers and uplift him spiritually. India’s Puranas tell tales of […]

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A new darshan hall

(10 Dec '00)

The temple, which has been used since March 1993, is no longer large enough to accommodate the thousands who come on Devi Bhava days.

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Trikarthika Puja

(9 Dec '00)

Once a month, a special two-hour puja is performed in the original little temple at the ashram, in honour of Karthika, the day of Mother’s birth star. This month, on the auspicious day, the ashram was decorated more beautifully than ever. Throughout the grounds hundreds of oil lamps were lit and garlands were hung; the […]

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Kumbha Mela

(7 Dec '00)

A Sea of People at the River of Life The Kumbha Mela has repeatedly been described as the largest congregation of people anywhere in the world coming together for a specific purpose. In 1989, when it was last held in Allahabad, it drew more than 15 million pilgrims. The Kumbha Mela is held alternately in […]

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