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A Devi Bhava Night

(14 May '00)

14 May 2000, Amritapuri Since this was scheduled as the last darshan before Mother’s two-month tour of Japan and the USA, the crowd was immense: more than 12,000 darshan tokens were given out, and the entire gathering of devotees was estimated at 15,000 to 20,000. Only a few thousand at a time can fit into […]

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Only by fostering motherhood can our culture be sustained

(12 May '00)

Question: How can Amma, who has never give birth, be considered to be a Mother? Amma: Children, the mother is a symboll of selflessness. A mother knows the heart of her child — she knows its feelings. Her whole life is dedicated to the well being of her child. A mother doesn’t look upon the […]

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Meditating, Playing and Teaching

(5 May '00)

5 May 2000, Amritapuri At midday the temple bell rang three times, letting everyone know that Amma was about to come for meditation. From all directions, ashramites and visitors flocked to the temple hall to await Her arrival. Within a few minutes Amma entered. She sat down and, closing Her eyes, began to meditate. Some […]

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Learn to live happily

(1 May '00)

Question: Is it possible to experience supreme bliss living in the world? Amma: Certainly. It is to be experienced while you are still in the body. It is not something to be attained after death. Like the mind and body, spirituality and worldliness are two facets of life. They cannot exist totally separated from each […]

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