International IVUSA volunteers for building house

Every year, a group of volunteers from around the world spend two weeks at an Amrita kuteeram project.
They clear building sites and help with the construction. With their open heartedness and spirit of selfless service, the volunteers generate joyful interactions, much to the amusement of their Indian co-workers and local villagers.

They donate their time, energy, and enthusiasm, but the volunteers often say that they receive so much more than they give.
In the sharing of loving care across cultural boundaries and language barriers, the line between “giving” and “receiving” disappears, and volunteers and recipients find that they are not so different after all.

In truth, they even share a common mother tongue: the universal language of Love.

The Amrita kuteeram International Volunteer project began with the Japanese Volunteer Student Association, IVUSA. Over time, volunteers from other parts of the globe have heard about the project and enthusiastically joined in. What is most remarkable is that for many of the volunteers, the time they spend at the Amrita kuteeram project, long days of hard labour under the hot sun, is their only vacation for the year. Inspired by Amma’s own life of dedication and service, they choose to spend this time not for their own enjoyment, but to do something for the benefit of the less fortunate.

The international volunteer projects are outpourings of love and selfless service by Amma’s children from all over the world.

International Volunteer projects table:

No Project Place State Duration Students
1 Free housing Udayamperoor, Ernakulam Kerala 1-14 Mar 1998 31
2 Free housing Perumbalam island, Ernakulam Kerala 25 Feb-13 Mar1999 16
3 Free housing Kannadi, Alappuzha Kerala 1-15 Mar 2001 25
4 Earthquake houses Bhuj Gujarat 2Feb -13 Mar 2002 56
5 Slum rehabilitation Ajanta Nagar, Pune Maharashtra 23Feb-09Mar 2003 62
6 Tsunami houses Ernakulam Kerala 33-17 Mar 2005 93
7 Tsunami houses Nagapattinam Tamil Nadu 2-16 Mar 2006 80
8 Tsunami houses Nagapattinam Tamil Nadu 1-15 Mar 2007 127
9 Tsunami houses Ernakulam Kerala 4-17 Sep 2008 113
10 Flood houses Raichur Karnataka 24Feb-10Mar 2011 42
11 Flood houses Raichur Karnataka 20-29 Feb, 2012 78
12 Flood houses Kedarnath Uttarakhand 16-28 Feb, 2012 100
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