Programme in Kanazawa Buddhist Temple

30 Oct 2015, Ishikawa The public program in Ishikawa Prefecture was held in the Koya-san Shingon-shu Daiohji Temple. The temple was originally built 1300 years ago, and was restored in 1745 after a damaging fire. The program started with a Buddhist Sutra chanted by the female head monk. Swami Poornamritananda gave a spiritual talk about […]


Amma will inspire us all

22-24 October, MA Center Germany – Europe Yatra 2015 For the first time ever, Amma held a programme at MA Center Germany. It so happened that the programme started on the auspicious day of Vijayadasami. On this day, while giving darshan, Amma did not forget to initiate Her children in India into letters through a […]


Tokyo Navaratri Festival

25 Oct 2015, Tokyo, Japan The traditional Indian festival of Navaratri was celebrated with a one-day retreat led by Swami Poornamritananda. Just before the ceremony, participants offered various tools, equipment, and utensils in front of goddess Saraswati as part of Ayudha puja. In the morning, everyone participated in a Saraswati puja guided by Swamiji. After […]


Vijaya Raksha: A movement for Respecting women on Navaratri

Students of Amrita University are using this year’s Navaratri festival to launch an initiative designed to make respect for women‬ and girls‬ both cool and a matter of personal pride. Named as Vijaya Raksha, started with the blessings of Amma, the campaign aims to bring a social change through a religious festival. It is initiated […]


Amma in Munich

10-12 October, Munich, Germany – Europe Yatra 2015 The second stop on Amma’s European Yatra was Munich, Germany. Immediately after the end of the final program in Barcelona, Amma and the group travelled more than 1300km across Europe from the Iberian peninsula to the heart of Bavaria. Even though Amma arrived and the group arrived […]