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Mind need maintenance; awareness is the alarm

(12 Jul '11)

6 – 7 July, Washington DC – USA Yatra 2011 Amma arrived in Washington DC, the capital city and political hub of the United States of America. She held programs over 2 days at the Hyatt Hotel and Convention Centre where thousands came to receive Her darshan. Many came to enjoy Amma’s bhajans and were […]

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A leader who is also a personal friend to all of us

(8 Dec '10)

Nov 27 – Dec 1, Dearborn, Michigan, USA Yatra 2010 After San Ramon, Amma travelled to Dearborn, Michigan for the final programs of the 2010 of the tour. Congressman Elect and current Michigan State Senator Hansen Clarke welcomed Amma. Senator Clarke said, “Amma is an extraordinary leader…in the political sense, in the global sense, in […]

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Amma in San Ramon

(8 Dec '10)

Nov 21 – 25, San Ramon, USA Yatra 2010 After completing her European tour, Amma visited the United States for her annual fall visit to San Ramon, California and Dearborn, Michigan. The tour began with 5 days of programs held at the MA Center, the San Ramon ashram. During one of her talks there, Amma […]

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Dates of winter USA Yatra 2010 of Amma

(9 Oct '10)

M.A.Center, San Ramon Nov 21-22: Public programs in San Ramon @ M.A.Center. Nov 23-25: Retreat at M.A.Center, 10200 Crow Canyon Road, Castro Valley, CA 94552. Dearborn, Michigan Nov 27 at 730 pm: Public program: Nov 28 11am-5 pm: Public program Nov 29 – Dec 01: Retreat in Dearborn, Michigan. for retreat registrations contact www.amma.org

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A messenger who is one with the message

(19 Jul '10)

13 July, Marlborough, Massachusetts — USA Yatra 2010 Amma was welcomed to her annual programs in the Boston area by esteemed members of the political, religious and educational community. Michael Johnson, a representative of the Pathways to Peace to the United Nations in New York was first to garland Amma. He was followed by Roman […]

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Amma in Washington

(15 Jul '10)

9 – 11 July, Washington D.C., Virginia – USA Yatra 2010 Amma travelled to Washington D.C., the capital of the United States, for the 14th consecutive year, where she first was welcomed by the devotees there to inaugurate the new M.A. Center. The three days of Amma’s program took place at the Hilton Center. On […]

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The United Nations welcome Amma to New York

(10 Jul '10)

The United Nations & The Hip-Hop Nation Welcome Amma to New York 5 July,  New York City –2010 USA Yatra When Amma came to New York, it was in the midst of the Fourth of July Independence Day holidays. The city was alive with celebration, and millions of dollars in fireworks were being set off […]

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