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Amma in Trissur

(23 Apr '10)

20 -21 April, Trissur — Bharata Yatra 2010 In the two days of the annual Brahmasthanam festival in Trissur, thousands of devotees came to receive Amma’s embrace, hear her soothing words and soul-stirring bhajans, and partake in the group puja functions. As the sun above pounded down heat on everyone, Amma showered the coolness and […]

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Kozhukkattas in Kolkatta

(21 Mar '10)

Amma used one large pot to put some flour and started kneading it with some water. She took some salt in her hands, mixing it with water on the dough and then kneaded

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Amma in Durgapur

(21 Mar '10)

18 March, Durgapur, West Bengal — Bharata yatra 2010 Amma’s program in Durgapur was after few many years since the last program in 2004. The whole city seemed colored with posters announcing Amma’s arrival. Durgapur is one of the industrial cities of Indian state of West Bengal known for its steel industries.    Amma had driven […]

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A Vasanth in Vasanth Kunj

(14 Mar '10)

10 -11 March, Vasanth Kunj, New Delhi — Bharata Yatra 2010 The second half of Amma’s Delhi programs were held at the beautiful Ashram venue in Vasant Kunj. With the Bramasthanam Temple at the venue and the beautiful natural surroundings close by, the atmosphere itself seemed spiritually vibrant. The majestic birds of Lord Subrahmanian, peacocks, […]

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A colorful flowerful Holi

(14 Mar '10)

7 March, Jaipur– Bharata Yatra 2010 With Amma, celebration of colors is a daily event and every day is a holi. It is up to us to make the best of this daily celebration. That was exactly what happened at Jaipur. The house where Amma stayed  became a place for Holi  celebration. When Amma was […]

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Grace of a traffic jam

(13 Mar '10)

This incident happened during Amma’s visit to Mumbai this year on the Bharata Yatra 2010. It was the first day in Mumbai, Amma was on her way to the public program in Sivaji Park. There were few vehicles following Amma’s car. Very close to the venue, vehicles got held up in a traffic jam.  Amma […]

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Empower Women through Self Confidence

(11 Mar '10)

8 March , Mayur Vihar, New Delhi — Bharata Yatra 2010 Amma started her programs in Delhi in one of the capitol’s new suburbs on the west bank of the holy Yamuna River, not far from where Lord Krishna used to dance with the Gopis.  The entry to the venue was a temporary Rajasthani monument.  […]

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