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They saw God and wanted to touch Her

(16 Dec '04)

16 December 2004–Kozhikode, Kerala When Amma arrived at Her ashram in Kozhikode, thousands of devotees were waiting with the hopes of catching just a glimpse of Her. And when Amma stepped out from the back seat of Her car, they could not help themselves–they surged forward, all of them. Can you blame them? They saw […]

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Manjeri had come to Amma

(14 Dec '04)

14 December, Manjeri, Kerala – Bharata Yatra 2004 The crowd surrounded the stage and spilled out onto the main road. There simply was not enough room for all the people. At one point, Amma even told the brahmachari running the kitchen to have buckets of food carried down to the street to insure that the […]

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The return of Ram

(1 Dec '04)

1 December 2004 — Amritapuri “Where’s Ram? Where’s Ram?” So many children, and adults, have been asking. The truth is for the past six months, he’s been away at school in Trishur. Learning to become a truly great temple elephant. Trishur is the Elephant Capital of Kerala, where dozens of elephants regularly come together for […]

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Pray one minute for world peace

(10 Sep '04)

10 September 2004 — Cochin, Kerala “God’s power is the only source in which humankind can take refuge when they realize that self effort and its results are limited. In today’s world, we have reached a point where peace is no longer attainable through human effort alone. In fact, the current condition is such that […]

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When It Rains, It Pours

(7 May '04)

7-9 May 2004 — Palakkad, Kerala The last Brahmasthanam Festival Amma held in Palakkad [April 2003] was brutally hot, with temperatures regularly hitting 43 degrees Celsius. The heat was so bad, it even prompted Amma to comment in Her satsang, “My children must be suffering — both from the heat outside and the heat inside.” […]

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Amma gives wheelchairs to Kerala’s poorest

(4 May '04)

4 May 2004 — Trissur, Kerala During Amma’s programme in Trissur, Amma gave wheelchairs—or rather, hand-propelled adult-sized tricycles—to 10 poor handicapped people. Wheelchairs are rarely seen in India’s streets—even though so many are handicapped due to polio or birth defects. Wheelchairs like these cost around 5,000 rupees [roughly $115 U.S.D.]. That might not seem like […]

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300 Hours, 8,500 kilometres & 700,000 hugs

(28 Mar '04)

Since 7 January, Amma and Her children have travelled throughout India

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