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Amma in Ireland

(20 Oct '10)

16th – 17 October, Dublin, Ireland — Europe Yatra 2010 Amma’s program began on the 16th of October, which is also known as World Food Day. World Food Day was created to honor the founding of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and is celebrated annually around the world. The devotees of […]

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Amma in Switzerland

(13 Oct '10)

8-10 October, Switzerland, Winthertur – Europe Yatra 2010 Amma’s Europe Yatra 2010 started in Winterthur, Switzerland. On her arrival she visited the new Swiss ashram, which is located in the beautiful countryside of Zürich Canton (District). The Swiss devotees gave Amma a hearty welcome. During the program Counsellor of the Indian Embassy in Switzerland Ajneesh […]

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Ammas Europe Yatra 2010

(3 Oct '10)

October 8 to 10: Winterthur, Switzerland Hall: Eulach Halle, Winterthur, Wartstr. 73 Contact: info@amma.ch H. Fürer Tel. + 41 44 8530429 J. Zimmermann Tel. +41 79 4752133 (17-21h) —- October 12 to 14: Milano, Italy Hall: Palasesto, Sesto S. Giovanni ContactKrishna Home +39 048800618, Mobile + 39 338-5244596 Aiswaryai (from 6pm – 9pm) Mobile +39 338 […]

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Amma in Dublin, Ireland

(25 Nov '08)

Dublin, Ireland – 21 Nov, Europe Yatra 2008 This is the 5th year that Amma has come the visit Dublin, Ireland. The South African Ambassador to Ireland, Her Excellency Priscilla Jana, who has come for the third time to be in Amma’s presence, said: “Your teachings, the religion of love, is particularly significant, very relevant […]

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Amma in Italy

(20 Nov '08)

Milan, Italy – 17 Nov, Europe Yatra 2008 The Deputy Chief of Mission, Indian Embassy in Italy, Mr. Saurabh Kumar said: “Amma has touched the lives of many; she has touched the lives of ordinary people, those who are suffering, the poor and the downtrodden, and those affected by calamities. Amma’s love transcends national boundaries. […]

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Amma in Spain

(16 Nov '08)

Barcelona, 13 Nov – Europe Yatra 2008 Amma visited her recently established Spanish Ashram near the holy mountain Montserrat, about half an hour away from the city of Barcelona. At the program hall in Barcelona the Councillor of the Mayor of Barcelona, Mr. Roger Pallarols Taylor, welcomed Amma. He said: “I feel moved by her […]

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Amma in Holland

(16 Nov '08)

Holland, 09 Nov – Europe Yatra 2008 The number of people coming to receive Amma’s embrace in Netherlands had grown once again. Many foreigners from neighbouring countries and thousands of devotees from major Dutch cities like Amsterdam, The Hague and Rotterdam came to see Amma in the sport hall ‘Maaspoort’.

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