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Amma in Trissur

(14 May '11)

7, 8 May, Trissur, Kerala — Bhatara Yatra 2011 After many hours of travel by road through the congested roads of Kerala, Amma finally arrived at Trissur at 9.00 pm. In India mahatmas are greeted in a very traditional manner, and so is Amma, But with Amma more than tradition, it is the love that […]

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Amma in Mangalore

(5 May '11)

1 -2 May, Mangalore — Bharata Yatra 2011 Amma left Amritapuri on the evening of the 29th. Nobody knew whether there would be any stops with Amma or we would drive directly to Mangalore. As we were crossing Kodungallur we were told that Amma would be stopping in the Kodungallur school. Travelling with Amma the […]

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Practical Vedanta, lessons on the go for busy people

(15 Mar '11)

A very touching element in Amma’s tours in India is the amazing fact that she still insists on traveling by road herself and to stay with the caravan of buses that travel along. The 1-day journeys from one city to another sometimes take 20 hours, the distance to cover is sometimes over 600 km; but […]

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Feeling the pain of my heart

(22 Jun '10)

18 June, San Ramon, California — 2010 US Yatra During the San Ramon Ashram retreat in the question answer session, one lady asked Amma, “Amma, You have millions of devotees all over the world. Then will you be able to feel the pain of my heart?” Amma gave a beautiful answer. She said, “We have […]

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Save water for future generations

(3 Jun '10)

The natural resources that we consume is the wealth that need to be transferred to coming generations. If we mindlessly exploit the resources, we won’t be able to leave anything for our grand children.

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Be near Amma, be like Hanuman

(26 Apr '10)

19 April, Trissur, Kerala — Bharata yatra 2010 The day before the program in Trissur, Amma came to the roof of the Amrita Vidyalayam at around sunset. It wasn’t long before all the devotees and residents swarmed around Amma, like bees around a flower. After meditation, Amma asked the devotees to share a joke or […]

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Mantra japa and Ma-Om

(2 Apr '10)

9 Feb 2010, Amritapuri A beautiful blue-green sea and a sunny evening turned became the backdrop for another cherished session with Amma. Amma sat below a coconut tree on the Ayurveda beach grounds. After leading a short meditation, Amma answered a question asked by a brahmachari. Question: What is the difference in practicing Mantra Japa […]

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