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Time lag between action and result leads to mistakes

(1 Jul '11)

25 – 26 Jun, Coralville Iowa – USA Yatra 2011 Amma arrived in Coralville, located in the heart of the mid-west state of Iowa to commence 2 days of public programs at the Marriott Convention Center where thousands gathered from across the country to receive Her blessing and guidance. Those who came for Amma’s darshan […]

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Nature is doing a Tandava dance, create awareness

(1 Jul '11)

22 – 23 Jun,Dallas, TX — USA Yatra 2011 Amma held two days programs Addison, Texas at the Intercontinental Hotel and Convention Center. Amma was welcomed to the city by Mayor Todd Meier who said: “Welcome, we’re so glad you’re here in Adison and thank you for connecting us to your world and to the […]

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Tie the rope of love for God around our waist

(25 Jun '11)

17 – 20 Jun, Albuquerque, USA Yatra-2011 After concluding her LA programs, Amma inaugurated a the MA Centre in Redondo Beach in the South Bay region of greater Los Angeles. After satsang and bhajans Amma distributed Prasad to the devotees who had gathered for the event. Amma then travelled 15 hours across the desert to […]

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Spiritual investment will never go waste

(30 May '11)

23 May 2011,  Amritpauri Every year before the USA yatra, Amma holds a meeting for all the ashramites. This is the time of the year when she shares her vision on the working of the institutions, point out shortcomings, suggesting the modus operandi we need to pursue and tips on sadhana. This year also was […]

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Amma in Trissur

(14 May '11)

7, 8 May, Trissur, Kerala — Bhatara Yatra 2011 After many hours of travel by road through the congested roads of Kerala, Amma finally arrived at Trissur at 9.00 pm. In India mahatmas are greeted in a very traditional manner, and so is Amma, But with Amma more than tradition, it is the love that […]

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Amma in Mangalore

(5 May '11)

1 -2 May, Mangalore — Bharata Yatra 2011 Amma left Amritapuri on the evening of the 29th. Nobody knew whether there would be any stops with Amma or we would drive directly to Mangalore. As we were crossing Kodungallur we were told that Amma would be stopping in the Kodungallur school. Travelling with Amma the […]

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Practical Vedanta, lessons on the go for busy people

(15 Mar '11)

A very touching element in Amma’s tours in India is the amazing fact that she still insists on traveling by road herself and to stay with the caravan of buses that travel along. The 1-day journeys from one city to another sometimes take 20 hours, the distance to cover is sometimes over 600 km; but […]

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