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Mantra japa and Ma-Om

(2 Apr '10)

9 Feb 2010, Amritapuri A beautiful blue-green sea and a sunny evening turned became the backdrop for another cherished session with Amma. Amma sat below a coconut tree on the Ayurveda beach grounds. After leading a short meditation, Amma answered a question asked by a brahmachari. Question: What is the difference in practicing Mantra Japa […]

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Time loss is a loss forever

(10 Feb '10)

Amma on the practicality of Spiritual practices 1 Feb 2010, Amritapuri Amma’s walk to the beach is a welcome sign for many ashramites and visitors. Sad faces blossom into smiles, surprised looks turn into glee. Such is the presence of Amma. The very evening becomes a festival. Last Monday evening the bell rang at 5 […]

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Sheltered by faith in the rain

(8 Dec '09)

04 Dec 2009, Amritapuri After two months, the bell rang three times indicating  Amma was calling us for meditation today. Soon, Amma joined us at the beach. After meditation, she raised a question, “What is the practical aspect of our faith in God?” She passed the microphone from one person to the other. One of […]

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Opportunity to serve the world is a gift from God

(30 Oct '09)

29 Oct , Munich, Europe Yatra 2009 Amma arrived at Munich after a long drive from Paris. The program hall is close to a very big BMW car office and one can see many cars being transported on trains from near the venue. As usual when Amma gives Darshan, Swamis sing bhajans on the stage […]

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When enjoying the creation, remember the creator

(25 Oct '07)

25 October, Europe Yatra 2007 — The Brenner Pass, Alps, Innsbruck, Austria Amma has been travelling across Europe annually for 22 years now. But until this week, she had never made a road stop with the devotees accompanying her on the tour as she regularly does during her India tours. It was during the 500-km […]

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A Colorful Onam

(22 Aug '07)

22 Aug 2007—Amritapuri This morning, the main hall was abuzz with activity. Over a dozen groups of women had gathered to participate in a day full of activities in celebration of Onam. Each team consisted of women who were part of a Self Help Group (SHG) from the surrounding Allappad Panchyat where the Ashram is […]

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When Amma is not looking

(5 Dec '06)

5 December 2006 — Amritapuri Question & Answer with Amma Amma’s children throughout the world know the bliss that wells up in their hearts when Amma’s eyes find theirs. Gazing into that infinity of compassion, the mind stops, grows tender as a flower and one is overcome with love. In that love, the conviction of […]

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