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Meditation is like a tonic

(20 Oct '00)

Question: Can meditation be harmful? It is said that a person’s head becomes heated when he meditates. Amma: It is always better to be taught by a Guru how to meditate. Meditation is like a tonic. A tonic nourishes the body. The tonic comes with certain instructions. If you just ignore the instructions and swallow […]

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Bhajans are to awaken the real light within

(1 Mar '00)

Question: Amma, you seem to be giving more importance to bhakti (devotion) than to any other path. Why is this so? Amma: When you say bhakti, do you mean just repeating a mantra and singing devotional songs? That alone is not bhakti. True devotion is discriminating between the eternal and the ephemeral. It is to […]

Category : Sadhana | Satsang