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First IAM in Greece

(29 Sep '09)

The first Integrated Amrita Meditation courses conducted in Greece took place in September 2009. The courses took place on the beautiful island of Evia. After the courses satsangs were held in Athens where the participants  had the  opportunity to  learn more about Amma’s  teachings and learn some of Amma’s bhajans. – Tulasi

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IAM meditation classes June-July 2009

(4 Sep '09)

Various IAM Meditation classes are taking place continuously in different parts of India and worldwide. Here in India, amongst others, classes were conducted, in Hyderabad during the third week of June, at the Central Industrial Security Force, in Vellore on 14th – 16th July, and at the AIMS Hospital in the last week of July. […]

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IAM for Tamil Nadu Police

(29 Apr '09)

On April 26 and 27, the Mata Amritanandamayi Math (MAM) held Integrated Amrita Meditation Technique® (IAM Technique®) classes for the special police of Tamil Nadu. A total of 56 policemen participated in the training—50 constables and six officers. Classes were conducted by Brahmachari Ajamrita Chaitanya at the Special Police Training Centre in Avadi, Chennai. The […]

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Taking Charge of Life in Kenya

(1 Mar '09)

Br. Shubamrita visited the Republic of Kenya from February 5th to 13th 2009. More than 350 guests attended the public talk, bhajans and meditation led by Br. Shubamrita held at the Oshwal High School Auditorium, Nairobi on February 7th  evening. The topic on which he spoke, “Take Charge of Your Life,” was well received by […]

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IAM classes for the Military

(14 Oct '08)

Members of the government approached Amma for advice regarding the inner psychological state of members of the Indian paramilitary forces. Amma decided to reach out to them through providing IAM Technique classes for the entire forces of the country – 2.5 million strong. The original IAM Techinque was modified to suit them and enable them […]

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Sw. Ramakrishna in Buenos Aires

(26 Sep '08)

20 – 21  Sep 2008, Buenos Aires, Argentina Swami Ramakrishnananda Puri conducted programs in Buenos Aires, Argentina on the 20th and 21st of September 2008. The first program on the 20th  evening was held in the heart of the city and was attended by an enthusiastic crowd of more than 600.  On the 21st evening […]

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IAM & Satsangs in Lebanon

(14 Aug '08)

11 August 2008, Beirut, Lebanon Since the beginning of May 2008, in the name of Amma, weekly satsangs had been taking place in Beirut. A multitude of general introductory meetings about Amma and Hinduism were also held in various parts of the country. Apart from satsang, the other official activity held in Amma’s name in […]

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