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Cleaning Kolkata streets at night

(26 Jan '13)

20 Jan 2013, Kolkata, Bharata Yatra 2013 After sitting for almost 12 hours of continuous darshan during the last day of programs in Calcutta {news}, Amma still wanted to do more for her children. During the darshan, at about 6:00pm, she announced that the road had to be cleaned and in this way the ABC […]

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Amrita Vidyalayam schools top national awards

(28 Nov '12)

28 Nov 2012, New Delhi In a Government initiated sanitation rating of CBSE Schools all over the country, Amrita Vidyalayams have topped bagging 16 out of 100 awards. There are more than 10,200 CBSE Schools in India of which nearly 1,500 are in Kerala. In the state of Kerala, Amrita won 10 out of 19 […]

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Walk your path; clean your way

(7 Jun '12)

2 Jun 2012, Seattle , USA Amma’s commitment to taking care of Mother Nature, being good stewards of our Mother the Earth, is not restricted to India {ABC news}. People all over the world are responding–including Amma’s children in the Seattle. On the second night of the retreat there this year, members of the Pacific […]

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Children clean up Nature reserve in Swiss

(26 Mar '12)

Inspired by Amma’s ABC activities in India, children of the “Swiss Bala Kendra” started a waste collection in the area. This year’s motto of the children’s group has been “Humans and Nature in Harmony”. The drive was intended to put words into deeds. The children and their parents went to collect the dispersed and sometimes […]

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Clean up along the Suva sea beach

(13 Feb '12)

29 Jan 2012, Fiji The first of Amma Fiji’s Green Friends initiative in 2012 was a beach clean up along the Suva Sea Wall. Over 30 participants, including expats and locals of all ages participated. Everybody worked cheerfully and even few people passing by joined in the cleaning work. The group picked up hundreds of […]

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Cleaning Manila Paco Market

(30 Oct '11)

27 Oct 2011, Manila The Manila satsang group visited the Estero de Paco Manila & Segregation Bin Making, Activity Center, Paco Market. The banks of the newly rehabilitated estero of Pasig is home to hundreds of families living in slums around downtown Manila, next to the Paco Market. The satsang group was guided by the […]

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Amma in Hyderabad

(3 Mar '11)

27 – 28 February , Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh – Bharata Yatra 2011 Amma’s return to Hyderabad was marked by a significant expansion of her ongoing humanitarian projects—shortly after her first evening program began, a seemingly never-ending line of children flowed across the stage, standing in line patiently to receive a hug and a kiss from […]

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