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Bihar Flood: Medical Service

(16 Dec '08)

Medicine In response to the Bihar flood, AIMS Hospital dispatched teams of specialists and paramedics who treated more than 400 patients daily, sometimes seeing to more than 500. Not only did the doctors treat wounds, respiratory problems like pneumonia and fungal growths, they also delivered several babies. Ambulances and a Mobile Telemedicine Unit were also […]

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Bihar Floods: Telemedicine

(16 Dec '08)

Telemedicne Two state–of-the art ambulances were sent to the area via rail from Kochi, a total of distance of almost 2,500 km. One of these was AIMS Hospital’s Mobile Telemedicine Unit. It is the size of a city bus and includes X-ray facilities, ECG scanner, pathology-lab-work facility, specialty cardiac services and a telemedicine satellite link […]

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Bihar flood relief: Supaul photos

(6 Oct '08)

4 Oct 2008, Supaul, Bihar Four more temporary shelters were constructed at Supaul for the flood affected in Bihar. Supaul is the worst flood affected area. Dr. Sarvan Kumar IAS, the district collector inaugurated the temporary shelters. The Tele-medicine van is going around the villages and the doctors use it to do joint diagnosis of […]

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Amma blesses mobile Tele-Medicine unit

(16 May '06)

16 May 2006 — Amritapuri Today Amma blessed AIMS Hospital’s new  “mobile medical unit.” The unit will bring the state-of-the-art medical care of AIMS to rural areas via its satellite. Dr. Prem Nair, the Medical Director of AIMS, and Dr. Kumar Menon, a doctor working out of the unit, gave Amma a quick tour of […]

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