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Christmas celebrations at Amritapuri

(26 Dec '09)

December 24th 2009 – Amritapuri Every year on this date the birth of Jesus Christ is celebrated around the world. This year over 1200 visitors from all over the world and many more from India gathered to spend the holiday in Amritapuri. For this Christmas, many of the ashram residents put together an original musical […]

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Xmas celebration photos

(24 Dec '08)

Christmas eve 2008, Amritapuri Photos of Xmas celebration with Amma at the ashram.

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Mahatmas never die

(25 Dec '06)

25 December 2006 — Amritapuri Christmas celebrations in Amritapuri Christmas is always a special time in Amritapuri. Not only does it mark the anniversary of the birth of a Jesus Christ, but also—with so many people around the world having time off from work—the Ashram is overflowing with devotees from Europe, America, Russia, Japan and […]

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Christmas in Amritapuri

(25 Dec '05)

25 December 2005 — Amritapuri Never is Amritapuri filled with more of Amma’s devotees from the West than during Christmas. Each year people from America, Europe, Australia and other parts of the Western world come all the way across the globe to spend their winter holidays with Amma. Many of them only get 10 days […]

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A dance of joy on a silent night

(24 Dec '04)

24 December 2004 — Amritapuri To celebrate Christmas, Amma’s Western children sang carols, performed classical music, put on a play about Jesus’ life and did two dances—one involving fire and one inspiring Amma Herself to raise to Her feet. The evening didn’t end until past 1:00 a.m. Christmas morning, with Amma distributing chocolate-cake prasad to […]

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Falling in love with Amma is Christmas

(24 Dec '00)

24 December 2000, Amritapuri Just before Christmas, Mother gave darshan to about 15,000 people a day in Calicut in northern Kerala, virtually around the clock for four days and nights. The programme ended early in the morning on December 24th. Without getting any rest after that marathon, Mother got into the car for the day-long […]

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