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Onam 2007

(27 Aug '07)

Onam celebrations with Amma, 27 August 2007, Amritapuri

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Pookkalam 2007

(23 Aug '07)

Pookkalam, 23 August 2007, Amritapuri – Beautiful decorations made by Indian studetns in front of Amma’s house during the 10 day Onam celebrations.

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A Colorful Onam

(22 Aug '07)

22 Aug 2007—Amritapuri This morning, the main hall was abuzz with activity. Over a dozen groups of women had gathered to participate in a day full of activities in celebration of Onam. Each team consisted of women who were part of a Self Help Group (SHG) from the surrounding Allappad Panchyat where the Ashram is […]

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Everyone lives as one

(18 Sep '06)

“maaveli naadu vaaneedum kaalam maanusherellaavarum onnupole” The time when Mahabali ruled the country, All of mankind lived as one. Each Onam {news}, Keralites throughout the world sing these words. Amma says that the meaning is not that everyone was equal in terms of money or capabilities, but that society functioned with the harmony that comes […]

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Forget all differences and make life joyful

(5 Sep '06)

Amma Celebrates Tiru Onam 5 September 2006 — Amritapuri “All of you know stories about Onam and Mahabali {story}. There is no point in repeating them. But there is an important message behind the Onam celebrations,” Amma told the 10,000-plus devotees who’d come to Amritapuri in order to celebrate Tiru Onam. Amma then explained how […]

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Everyday a celebration

(1 Sep '06)

Amritapuri, 1 September 2006 During the past few days, the Ashram has been buzzing with celebrations surrounding Ganesh Chaturthi and Onam.  While each morning has seen a new Pookkalam (flower design) created for Onam by students of  Amrita University,  the  evenings have been resounding with bhajans being sung at the Kalari in honor of Ganesh. […]

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Onam: Unity of hearts is the beauty of the society

(15 Sep '05)

15 September 2005 — Amritapuri “All of you look like a beautiful pookkalam,” Amma said, looking down at the 10,000 or so people who had gathered at Amritapuri to celebrate Onam. Later, in her satsang, Amma explained that pookkalams, the multicoloured flower-petal mandalas of Onam, symbolize the confluence of hearts in society. “Pookkalam represent the […]

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