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Her eyes could have no equivalents

(8 Oct '09)

5 – 6 Oct, Europe Yatra 2009, Helsinki, Finland, With Amma’s Love from Helsinki Amma had reached Helsinki late noon on Oct 4, 2009. She had come after all the marathon sessions during her Birthday celebrations that had just taken place at Amritapuri. We assumed Amma would take rest but in fact at around 8 […]

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Composting the waste, completing the cycle

(8 Oct '09)

Each day thousands of visitors are fed by the ashram. The preparation of food inevitably produces waste peelings. ‘Premix’ is the combination of wet food waste and wood chip. One of many buckets of the day’s ‘premix’ is emptied on to the compost heap, over a layer of elephant dung. Slurry (cow’s urine and manure) […]

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