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BABEL: the sacred yields of dreams

(12 Sep '09)

Building bee houses with mud and straw with an eco-green roof and walls inhabited by bee swarms. BABEL project by GreenFriends, France

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Onam reminds us to become ‘One’

(6 Sep '09)

2 September 2009 – Amritapuri “We all need to become one—this is the message Onam gives us,” Amma said in her annual Onam satsang. “It is from ‘one’ that we have all come, and it is back into that ‘one’ that we all must merge. This is the supreme goal of all of our lives. […]

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Ganesh festival photos

(6 Sep '09)

Ganesh Chaturthi, Gaja Puja  and Ganesh Visarjan photos from the celebration at Amritapuri in the month of Aug 2009. Read related posts on Ganesh festival

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IAM meditation classes June-July 2009

(4 Sep '09)

Various IAM Meditation classes are taking place continuously in different parts of India and worldwide. Here in India, amongst others, classes were conducted, in Hyderabad during the third week of June, at the Central Industrial Security Force, in Vellore on 14th – 16th July, and at the AIMS Hospital in the last week of July. […]

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Europe Yatra dates for 2009

(4 Sep '09)

Amma’s 23rd annual  Europe Yatra will begin on 5 October 2009 in Helsinki, Finland and conclude on 13 November in Barcelona, Spain. The programme dates: 5 – 6 October: Helsinki, Finland 8 – 10 October: Winterthur, Switzerland 13 – 15 October: ’s Hertogenbosch, Holland 17 – 19 October: Mannheim, Germany 21 – 23 October: London, […]

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The joy of gardening

(1 Sep '09)

August is the season when many youth from all over the world flock to Amritapuri to spend their holidays with Amma. It is a time for the youngsters to reflect about life in a deeper way, contribute to Amma’s charitable work and socialize with other like-minded youngsters. This year, AYUDH decided to make an effort […]

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