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Temporary Shelters Inaugurated in Bihar

(19 Sep '08)

16 September 2008 — Bowanipur, Purnia District, Bihar The Mata Amritanandamayi Math completed the construction of its first relief camp for victims of the Bihar flood today. The inauguration was conducted in the presence of the Minister for Labour Avdesh Narain Singh, District Magistrate C. Sridhar and Superintendent of Police Sri. B. Meena. The camp […]

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Onam: A Symbol of Happiness & Contentment

(12 Sep '08)

12 September 2008 — Amritapuri With the coming of Tiru Onam, thousands of people came to Amritapuri in order to celebrate. The bhajan hall was filled with smiling people dressed in new clothes. The feeling of celebration was in the air. Amma came to the dais to the sounds of panchavadyam around 11:00 am. After […]

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Amma to Provide Rs. 20 Million in Relief to Bihar

(10 Sep '08)

 10 September 2008 — Amritapuri Ashram announced today that it will provide two-crore rupees (3,13,596 € *) in flood-relief work in Bihar today. Teams of doctors, brahmacharis and other volunteers are already working, treating more than 500 patients a day. Construction of temporary shelters for those made homeless by the floods is now underway. Forty […]

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President Awards Ashram for Fighting Illiteracy

(9 Sep '08)

8 September 2008 — New Delhi, India The Mata Amritanandamayi Math [MAM] was presented with a 2008 NLM-UNESCO Award for Adult Literacy. The award was given in recognition of MAM’s outstanding contribution to the Adult Education Program Jan Shikshan Sansthan [JSS] in Sivakasi, Tamil Nadu. The award was presented at a function in New Delhi […]

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MAM Mobilizing for Bihar flood relief

(9 Sep '08)

8 September 2008 — AIMS Hospital, Cochin, Kerala The current situation is one of mobilization. Inspired to act by Amma, students, ashramites and medical staff at AIMS are working around the clock in order to bring relief to the millions of Biharis, who have been rendered homeless and helpless due to the state’s massive flooding. […]

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Ashram begins Bihar flood relief

(6 Sep '08)

4 September 2008 —Bihar, India Currently 50 percent of Bihar is underwater. The UN has stated that at least one million people have been rendered homeless; others say the figure is as high as five million. The death toll is currently around 75, but medical experts fear epidemics due to contaminated water. Cases of Typhoid, […]

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