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University of South France honors Amma

(2 Nov '05)

International Patron Mother 2 November 2005, Toulon, France L’Universite du Sud ( University of South France) has honored Amma by appointing her as the ‘International Patron Mother’ for students participating in the newly created degree in  ‘Humanitarian Action and Rural Development.”   The students, delighted to have Amma as their patron Mother, clapped when they heard […]

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Cloths to Nagapattinam fire victims

(1 Nov '05)

1 November 2005, Nagapattinam. Less than one year after the tsunami washed away countless lives and livelihoods, today, a fire broke out in one of the temporary government shelters in Nagapattinam, TN where tsunami victims were being housed. While no one was hurt, over 200 families lost all their belongings. New saris, dhotis, undergarments, underwear, […]

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Celebration of Lights

(1 Nov '05)

1 November 2005, Amritapuri Lights filled the evening skies as Ashramites in Amritapuri celebrated Deepavali. Adults and small children waved sparklers and lit small oil lamps which decorated the Kalari.  Over at the boat jetty, students set of fireworks. Some students from Amrita University in Amritapuri decided to celebrate Deepavali in a different way:  they […]

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