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Amma’s Vidyaarambham

(10 Oct '05)

10 October 2005, Amritapuri [Just before Amma left for Europe, a reporter from Matrubhumi, a leading Malayalam daily, asked Amma about Her vidyaarambham [initiation into learning], i.e. when and how Amma was initiated into learning.] “My vidyaarambham (news) took place 48 years ago. I was four then. Every navaratri, we used to place the items […]

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Ammas swiss time

(5 Oct '05)

5 – 7 October 2005 — Winterthur, Switzerland Switzerland is a unique European country in that within its borders four languages are spoken: German, French, Italian and Rumanch. Despite the diverse languages, the people are very much unified in their “Swiss-tvam.” They take pride in precision and in doing things well—there is a reason why […]

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You are my greatest wealth

(4 Oct '05)

4 October 2005 — Pfyn, Switzerland The church bells tolled seven, letting everyone in the small Swiss village of Pfyn know the hour. From the town square, the sound carried out across the rolling green hillside where milk cows grazed unperturbed by a light evening rain, over the river that flows swiftly through the village’s […]

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Villagers transformed by Ammas love

(3 Oct '05)

3 October 2005, Amma leaving Amritapuri Amma left the ashram for Her 2005 European Tour at 5:15 a.m. today. The ashram residents lined the path from Amma’s room to the beach road. But the path did not end there… even at that early hour it seemed the entire village was awake and standing in front […]

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A sweet parting gift

(2 Oct '05)

2 October 2005, Amritapuri Today after noon, after having finished giving darshan to newcomers, Amma unexpectedly headed towards the pool. Within minutes, word had spread throughout the Ashram that she was going swimming.  Ashramites ran to their rooms to put on their swimsuits and rushed to the pool to spend time with her. Though Amma […]

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