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International Peace Day to be observed

(15 Sep '05)

15  September 2005 September 21st has been designated by the United Nations as the International Day of Peace, a day when people of all nations are asked to come together in prayer for the peace and harmony of the entire world. The Amritapuri Ashram and all its branches and institutions will be observing this event. […]

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Amma’s 52th birthday celebration

(14 Sep '05)

Programme Schedule * Sri Guru Padapuja–Worship of the Guru’s Lotus Feet * Amma’s Address * Public Function * Distribution of Keys to Tsunami-Relief Housing, as well as Free Fishing Boats, Engines and Fishing Nets * Inauguration of New Ashram Charitable Projects * Distribution of Free Clothing for the Poor * Awarding of the Amrita Keerti […]

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Onam celebration in the pool

(12 Sep '05)

Amma painted in response was of a world wet with life–one where boys and girls lepta into the backwaters and splashed about, making as much noise as they wanted, singing together, dancing together, running, laughing, knocking down fruit from the mango trees.

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Hurricane Katrina relief efforts continue

(7 Sep '05)

7 September 2005,  Arkansas, USA Today Brahmachari Dayamrita Chaitanya visited some of the camps where the evacuees have been relocated. Though, their physical needs are being met, many of them are still traumatized by the experience. The harshest suffering seems to be amongst women who have been separated from their children and family. During the […]

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How to make a Pookkalam?

(6 Sep '05)

September-2005 Each morning for the past 10 days, students from Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham have presented Amma with a beautiful pookkalam at the foot of the steps to her room. The tradition of making pookkalams [flower-petal mandalas] is as ancient as India herself. It is considered auspicious to create small pookkalams outside one’s home each morning […]

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The 10 days of Onam begin

(6 Sep '05)

6 September 2005 — Amritapuri When Amma came down the steps from her room, the first pookkalam of Onam was waiting for her. Designed in the colours of eight different varieties of flowers by students from Amrita University, the pookkalam showed many of the cultural hallmarks of Kerala: the green painted face of a kathakali […]

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Amma responds to Hurricane Katrina

(6 Sep '05)

6 September 2005 – San Ramon, California, USA “Pray with your heart. Work with your hands.” These were the simple instructions that Amma offered to everyone in the wake of the tsunami. Now, a full eight months later, a similar scene is repeating itself on the other side of the globe. As most of the […]

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