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A celebration of true freedom

(15 Aug '05)

15 August 2005 — Independence Day at Amritapuri Celebrating the freedom of India is not cheap sabre-rattling nationalism. As India and Sanatana Dharma cannot be separated, India’s Independence Day is in fact a celebration of the nation’s cultural heritage—a celebration of the countless mahatmas that have taken birth on its soil, of dharma, compassion and […]

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Amrita Sanjeevani

(15 Aug '05)

On August 15, 2005, when all of India was celebrating the 58th anniversary of her independence, the students of Amrita University were celebrating the joy of selfless service. The students at the Amritapuri campus formed the Amrita Sanjeevani, a new student seva association. The students and staff of the University will take a more active […]

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Teaching values an untraditional way

(15 Aug '05)

15 August 2005 — Amritapuri From Children to Parents Today, the father of a child enrolled in Amrita vidyalayam —Mangalore came forward for Amma’s darshan; his eyes were filled with tears. It was difficult for him to hold back his emotions. And as soon as he fell into Amma’s arms, he began to tell her […]

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Elephants and innocence

(4 Aug '05)

4 August 2005, Amritapuri This evening, when Amma reached Her room after bhajans, Ram and Lakshmi, the ashram’s two young elephants, were waiting eagerly for Her. It had been more than two months since they last got prasad from Amma. Both were chained. Previously, only Ram used to be chained. But now, Lakshmi, who used […]

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