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Buddhist monk finds inspiration in Amma

(1 Mar '05)

1 March 2005 , Amritapuri Around the time Amma left for Sri Lanka, a Buddhist monk from the island country came to stay for a while in Amritapuri. He had heard a lot about Amma and, as he was spending some time in India, had decided to come to Her Ashram. After Amma returned from […]

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Sciences of ancient India

(1 Mar '05)

1 March 2005 , Amritapuri One of the Ashram residents had read something in the paper and wanted to share it with Amma. So she placed the clipping in a pile of questions on Amma’s peetham during Tuesday’s Meditation Day. It was the story of a group of elephants kept at a resort in Phuket, […]

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