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Flower shower-Pushpa varsham

(7 Jan '04)

Wall to wall with outstretched arms, the room undulated with a single upward prayer

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An Eagle’s Alert

(7 Jan '04)

7 January, 2004 — Amritapuri There they were, as always. Whether it’s a Devi Bhava or festival day, a Brahmasthanam Temple installation or, as in this case, simply Amma preparing to leave for the South India Tour, if Amma is out and about you can bet they are too: three eagles, circling directly above. Known […]

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First Devi Bhava of the New Year

(4 Jan '04)

4 January 2004 — Amritapuri As the large wooden doors rolled open and the sacred verses chanted, the many thousands present received a dense blast of the scent of flowers and camphor. As always this was mixed with another mysterious, divine fragrance that penetrates deeper, beyond the senses… Before us appeared the heart-bursting vision of […]

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Joy amidst the pain

(4 Jan '04)

4 January 2004 — Kayamkulam, Kollam District, Kerala On New Year’s Day, I went with a group of 25 men from Amma’s Ashram to visit two relief camps in Kayamkulam, where many families were staying whose homes had been destroyed by the tsunami. The idea was that we would clean the toilets, so we brought […]

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Kartika puja for the New Year

(3 Jan '04)

3 January 2004 — Amritapuri After bhajans ended this evening and Amma returned to Her room, many made their way to the kalari for the monthly Karthika Puja. In addition to the annual birthday observed in the West, which is based on the sun’s position, a monthly birthday is also traditionally observed in India that […]

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Another New Year with Amma

(1 Jan '04)

1 January, 2004 Om Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu. This is the prayer that is chanted in Amritapuri, and by Amma’s devotees around the world, as the clock strikes midnight each New Year’s Day. The collective effect of many thousands one-pointedly chanting this powerful prayer for the peace and happiness of all beings everywhere serves to […]

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