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Ram and Lakshmi

(11 Dec '03)

11 December 2003,Amritapuri As bhajans ended this evening and Amma left the stage, there was a race of eager devotees to Amma’s house. Amma almost always feeds Ram at the base of Her steps after bhajans, and with this morning’s arrival of Lakshmi, tonight’s elephant feeding promised to be a double feature. Ram was brought […]

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Divine homecoming

(3 Dec '03)

3 December 2003,Amritapuri It was a morning abuzz with activity in Amritapuri. Actually, the entire week was busy, but this morning especially. Duties ranged from sweeping the sand to cleaning Amma’s house from top to bottom. The construction of a new water treatment system was finished just the night before and various last minute touches […]

Category : Around Amma | Around Amma 2003