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Will Mother be welcome?

(25 Mar '02)

25-26 March 2002 Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia Malaysia is a Muslim nation; Mother’s religion, She has said over and over, is simply Love. But She comes from a Hindu culture, and most people naturally see Her as Hindu. So there was a question in some minds: would Muslim Malaysia welcome Amma? It’s true that every year some […]

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Out of the Slums in Hyderabad

(14 Mar '02)

Guddimalkapur In 1999, the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Sri Chandra Babu Naidu visited Amma during Her programme in Hyderabad and asked Her if the M.A.M would undertake seva projects in Hyderabad. She readily agreed. The District Collector identified two large housing projects in slum colonies. The largest one was at Guddimalkapur. After a fire […]

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Amma blesses the three Villages in Bhuj

(11 Mar '02)

Sunday 10 March, 2002 , Gujarat It was a hard time for Gujarat. A year after the devastating earthquake, the region was falling victim to communal riots. Amma was in Mumbai. She was scheduled to leave for the earthquake-struck region of Bhuj, in Western Gujarat, where She was to inaugurate the three villages that the […]

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Rebuilding the villages in Gujarat Earthquake

(11 Mar '02)

The villages Amma adopted—Modsar, Mokhana and Dagara—were located far away from the highways, about 40 km from the Pakistan border. The Math not only rebuilt 1200 houses, but also schools, community halls, water tanks, medical clinics, and roads, as well as provided electricity and sewage systems. The construction began in August 2001. Rebuilding the villages […]

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World Mother, village Mother

(10 Mar '02)

10Mar 2002,Gujarat Mother is a marvellous blend of the planned and the unpredictable. How could She travel the globe giving programs that need their times and places publicised if She lived only spontaneously? But how could all the surprises that so enrich our experience of Her occur if She lived only by schedules? Like in […]

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When we give, we receive

(6 Mar '02)

6Mar 2002,Giving Prasad to Amma When Amma gives darshan in India, each person is given a candy wrapped inside a packet of ash as prasad. This prasad is precious to the recipient, as it contains Amma’s sankalpa (resolve) and comes directly from Her hand to theirs. To receive prasad directly from a Mahatma is an […]

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Return of Krishna Bhava

(1 Mar '02)

1 March 2002, Pune For all of Amma’s devotees who are sad that they never got to witness Krishna Bhava (which Amma discontinued in 1985), there still is hope. In Pune, the bhava is briefly reborn. For the past four or five years, each time Amma comes to Pune, one man – who believes Amma […]

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