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Request for a hospital in Wayanad

(11 Feb '02)

11 February 2002, Mananthavady, North Kerala On February 11 the Mananthavady Hospital Development Society came to Amma to seek Her assistance for the District Government Hospital. The hospital serves the Wayanad District of North Kerala, an extremely impoverished area. This district is home to a large population of tribal people who have lost their traditional […]

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“Va, Makkale!”

(9 Feb '02)

9 February 2002,Leaving Amritapuri Nobody ever suggested that Mother is predictable. She’s not even schedulable. Even when She’s about to leave home for two months, nobody knows either the time nor the mode of departure. This morning, after the tour group travelling by bus departed (about 5:00 a.m.), the ashramites who would be staying behind […]

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