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Janmashtami – Krishna’s birthday

(10 Sep '01)

As always on Sri Krishna’s birthday, today was a day of great festivity at Amritapuri. The celebrations began at three o’clock in the afternoon with a parade to the local Krishna temple. The procession was headed up by some of the ashramite children costumed for the day and carrying an ashram banner, followed closely by […]

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How to face the challenges of life

(1 Sep '01)

Ordinarily, we face our experiences in three ways. We try to run away from situations, we try to change the situations believing that our problems will be solved in that way, or we bear the circumstances while cursing our lot. Running away from a situation will not help us to avoid our problems because, if […]

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Translate mantra into our lives

(1 Sep '01)

Benedictory Address delivered by Amma on the occasion of Her 45th Birthday Celebrations, 1998 Salutations to all of you, the embodiments of the Self, the embodiments of love. As my children have gathered here today, let us first of all chant the mantra “Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu.” Every one should join in this. “Lokah Samastah […]

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