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Three values form the mantra for a successful life

(12 Sep '00)

(From Amma’s benedictory address on the occasion of her 44th birthday celebration) Children, all of you have gathered together here with enthusiasm and patience. If you are able to maintain this enthusiasm and patience throughout your life, total success will be yours; for patience and enthusiasm are the foundations of success. In some people we can […]

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Onam festival with Amma

(9 Sep '00)

9 September 2000, Amritapuri Onam is a festival of sharing. On the tenth and last day of Onam, all the people of Kerala enjoy a great feast. Even though traditionally people stay at home and celebrate with their families, many of Amma’s children came to spend this holy day at Amma’s abode, feeling Amritapuri to […]

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Entire life should be full of happiness

(1 Sep '00)

Today is Tiru Onam; it’s a day of celebration, enthusiasm and joy. It’s a day when even the most sorrowful tries to forget his sorrows. Right remembrance is the remembrance in forgetting. While operating on a patient, if the doctor is thinking about his wife and children, the operation will not be successful. Or if […]

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Amma returning after the UN summit

(1 Sep '00)

1 September 2000, Amritapuri When Amma’s plane landed at the Cochin Airport, local news reporters were awaiting Her arrival from the U.N. Summit in New York. Question: How did you feel speaking in Malayalam to a foreign audience (this is the first time that someone is speaking in Malayalam in the U.N. General Assembly)? Amma: […]

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