• 1978
    Amma started accepting disciples to stay at the ashram
  • 1981
    Ashram is registered as Mata Amritanandamayi Math
  • 1984
    Matruvani monthly spiritual magazine started. (Now available in 16 languages 8 Indian and 8 foreign)
  • 1987
    Started building free houses around Ashram
    First school, Amrita Vidyalayam in Kodungalloor, Kerala
  • 1988
    Brahmasthanam Temple installation in Kodungallur 21st April
  • 1989
    Acquires and transforms a crumbling and dilapidated orphanage and school in Parippally, Kerala
    Starts Industrial training Center, a vocational training school, in Kerala
  • 1990
    Amrita Institute of Computer Technology started in Kollam, Kerala
    One teacher schools in tribal village in Attappadi, Kerala
    Brahmasthanam Temple installation in Madras 6th May
  • 1992
    Brahmasthanam Temple installation in Trivandrum – 16th February
    Brahmasthanam Temple installation in Pune – 15th April
  • 1993
    Brahmasthanam Temple installation in Kozhikode – 18th January
  • 1995
    Brahmasthanam Temple installation in Mumbai – 12th February
    Brahmasthanam Temple installation in Delhi – 3rd March
    Brahmasthanam Temple installation in Madurai – 5th April
  • 1994
    Engineering college starts in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu
    Amrita Kripa Sagar Hospice for terminally ill cancer patients, Mumbai
  • 1996
    Amrita Kuteeram Project to build 25,000 free houses is launched.
    School of Business opens at the Coimbatore campus, Tamil Nadu.
    School of Pharmacy, begins at Cochin
    School of Engineering established in Ettimadai, TN
    School for the deaf and the dumb starts in Trissur, Kerala
  • 1998
    AIMS Tertiary-Care Hospital at Kochi is inaugurated in by the Prime Minister of India.
    Prime Minister hands over the keys of Amrita Kuteeram’s first 5,000 free houses
    Care Home for the Elderly, Anbu Illam, opens in Sivakasi, Tamil Nadu.
    Amrita Nidhi, the free pension project for destitute women and widows, begins in Kerala.
    Brahmasthanam Temple installation in Mauritius -2nd April
  • 1999
    Brahmasthanam Temple installation in Palakkad – 20th January
    Brahmasthanam Temple installation in Thalassery – 22nd April
  • 2000
    Brahmasthanam Temple installation in Mysore -18th February
  • 2001
    Gujarat Earthquake Disaster Relief operation begins; 1,200 homes are built.
    Tribal Peoples’ Project aimed at the upliftment of poor rural communities is inaugurated in Kerala
    Brahmasthanam Temple installation in Mananthavady – 28th February
  • 2002
    Amrita Kuteeram Free Homes Project completes 25,000 houses and begins second phase to build 1,00,000 more homes.
    Brahmasthanam Temple installation in Hyderabad – 24th February
  • 2003
    Government confers ‘Deemed-to-be-University’ status on Amrita institutions of higher learning.
    School of Medicine and Nursing open at AIMS Hospital, Kochi.
    Schools of Engineering open at the Bangalore and Amritapuri.
    School of Dentistry is established at AIMS Hospital, Kochi.
    School of Science & Management is inaugurated at the Mysore.
    School of Journalism opens at the Coimbatore campus, Tamil Nadu.
    Amritavarsham50, Amma’s 50th birthday celebration for world peace, is attended by the President, Vice President and Deputy Prime Minister of India, as well as dignitaries from around the world.
    Amrita Kripa AIDS care home is inaugurated in Thiruvananthapuram.
    First free wedding ceremonies for poor families are sponsored by MAM.
    Starts centres for adult vocational training in Kerala and Tamil Nadu.
    Care Home for the Elderly in Kerala is inaugurated.
    IAM, Integrated Amrita Meditation Technique® is launched worldwide.
    Brahmasthanam Temple installation in Bangalore – 12th February
    Brahmasthanam Temple installation in Kochi – 25th April
  • 2004
    Amrita Kripa Hospital for tribal people opens in Wayanad, Kerala.
    Biomedical Research Centre is established at the Amritapuri campus.
    Amrita Research Labs are set up at three campuses of the Amrita University.
    Amrita Ayurvedic Medical College, Hospital & Research Centre is inaugurated.
  • 2005
    Disaster Aid Fund of Rs 100 crore, is announced for 2004 Asian Tsunami.
    Teachers’ Training (B.Ed) College in Mysore is inaugurated.
    Two Care Homes for the elderly are established in Karnataka.
    United Nations grants Special Consultative Status to MAM, with its Economic and Social Council.
    Tsunami Housing Project for 6,200 houses gets underway.
    Disaster Aid of $1 million US is presented to the Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund, USA.
    The Indo-USA Inter-University Initiative is established with 25 universities.
    Earthquake disaster relief is sent to Kashmir/Pakistan border areas
    Flood relief works in Mumbai.
    Brahmasthanam Temple installation in Trissur – 10th April
  • 2006
    Amrita Nidhi pension project expands to benefit 1,00,000 including the physically and mentally challenged.
    Amrita SREE: the Amrita Self-Reliance, Employment and Empowerment Program is inaugurated, providing equal economic opportunity to women.
  • 2007
    Amrita Nilayam Working Women’s Hostel is established in Trissur.
    Amrita Kripa Hospital, Mysore, is inaugurated.
    Vidyamritam education stipend project is launched to end suicide among farmers.
  • 2008
    Bihar Flood Relief Project is implemented. Ashram pledges Rs 2 crores in aid.
    Supported in Orissa flood relief
    Brahmasthanam Temple installation in Mangalore – 18 Feb
    Brahmasthanam Temple installation in Kolkata – 19 Mar
  • 2009
    West Bengal Cyclone Relief project is implemented.
    Amrita Watoto Boma, a care home for 108 children in Nairobi inaugurated.
    Vidyamritam scholarship project is expanded to benefit children affected by AIDS in Kenya and India.
    Institute for Differently Abled (AIDA) children is inaugurated in Kozhikode, Kerala
  • 2010
    MAM pledges Rs 50 crores in aid for flood victims in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. Within six months 242 completed houses were handed over to the Govt.
    MAM adds insurance coverage to 1,00,000 members of AmritaSREE.
    MAM initiates and extends support to keeping the highways clean and building free toilets in schools and public places, beginning with Kerala.
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