Everyday is a Festival

Amma has brought forth the true meaning and significance of traditional rituals and festivals and created some now-cherished traditions of Her own. When Amma celebrates a festival, it is invariably imbued with a new charm and sense of purpose; rituals that may have become dry or rote are brought to life by Amma’s divine participation.
At Amritapuri Ashram, we celebrate Onam, Krishna’s birthday, Christmas, Amma’s birthday… whether it be through the message She might give on that day, illuminating the higher purpose of the festival or simply through observing Her own innocent, wholehearted participation, we can see and feel Amma’s unique touch in every celebration.

In truth, Amma doesn’t celebrate Her birthday, Her children do. But see what Amma does on Her birthday. Each year She gives saris to 10,000 impoverished women, keys to 5,000 homes for the poor, pensions to 10,000. She feeds tens of thousands of Her children even before She has eaten anything Herself. Thirty minutes are allotted for the children to perform rituals in worship of Amma, and twenty three and a half hours for Amma to bless Her children. This is how She celebrates Her birthday.




Sri Krishna Jayanthi


Ganesh Chaturthi

Amma’s Birthday

Vijaya Dashami



New Year

Surgeries & transplants, Boats and Saris for the poor

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100 Crore commitment to sanitation in Kerala

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Amritavarsham photo updates

Photo Updates of Amritavarsham watch live updates..  
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Ganesh Chaturthi celebration at Amritapuri

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