Swami Purnamritananda participated in the  World Hindu Summit of 2013 in Bali, Indonesia. The agenda of the  World Hindu Summit of 2013 is to establish the World Hindu Parisad or Assembly, developing its constitution, structure, office bearers, etc. The highlight of the opening ceremony was a very grand performance put up by the Balinese, representing the story of how spiritual harmony amongst the various religions was achieved in Bali by the power of Trimurti.

Among the important guests that came to welcome were the Head of the Indonesian Hindu Parisad, Dr I Gusti Ngurah Sudiana; the Head of the Indonesian Ashram Association, Prabu Adi Purusa; the Head of the Bali Ashram Association, Acarya Yogananda; the Chairman of the World Hindu Summit, Professor Made Bhakta; and the Chairman of the World Hindu Summit Committee, Dr. Made Sad Guna.

Later Swami had a meeting with  Dr. Arya Wedakarna – Director of Sukarno Centre, Chancellor of Mahendradatta University.

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Category : Cultural