Amma in Japan

(7 Aug '10)

July 25 – 31, Tokyo & Kobe , Japan Yatra 2010
Amma had 5 days of program in Japan’s Capital city Tokyo and the Southern city of Kobe.

Amma was welcomed by Consulate General of India Pieyush Gupta, Masa-aki Tatsuki PH.D Vice President Doshisha University and Sun TV Chief Manager Kanya Sakai who said:
“In my first darshan i did not understand very much about Amma, but gradually i get interested more and more and reading her books, i started to think about my life. I feel Amma’s presence and good influence in my daily life and I am very grateful for that.”

Two new books “Lead Us TO Light” and “Unforgettable Memories” were also released in Japanese.

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Category : Around Amma / Yatra